Han Solo-ism


Basically…  I follow the political ideology of Han Solo (and Gandalf the grey)

Wait what? Those aren’t even real people…

My political beliefs are not under any obligation to make sense to you. Also, Han Solo loves dogs… and I love dogs…

Chewbacca is not a dog.

*Jo puts his fingers in his ears* LA LA LA LA LA LA LA… I can’t hear you.



      1. I was watching the Joseph Campbell special on Netflix. He even covers the popularity, and compares Star Wars to successful mythology. It covers all the spectrum. He and Lucas were friends, ya know

    1. It’s so weird. British parliament… with the backbenchers chorusing the occasional ‘Yeah’ when their speaker said something they agreed with always felt so civilised to me… ha ha. Now I look at British politics and I think… what the hell happened here?

    1. I’d like to say yes… but then I haven’t actually shot anyone… even while being shot at. So… really… this particularly part of the ideology remains untested.

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