Make me beautiful

My three year old got stuck into moms makeup earlier.

Also… why have they not invented lipstick that doesn’t taste like ass?

Not literal ass, he typed out after some consideration. But I think we can all agree that it is not a pleasant taste. Maybe you get used to it?

Then again perhaps we are meant to suffer for our art… and if that is the case, who am I to question such a convention.

Also maybe everyone else is just better at not ingesting it… in which case forget I said anything.


  1. I read that the β€œaverage” woman eats 4-9 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. Not sure what the average (or non-average Joey) eats though. Your number might be slightly higher??

      1. Tara’s estimation of Jo gets downgraded a notch…

        (yes, I know I don’t have many notches left)

    1. Thats like telling some one NOT to pick at it… (it will only make it worse)

      While sound advice in theory…

      1. Well spotted. Definitely a health and safety violation there. Will speak to management…

      2. I am… too scared to say. Ha ha. Although my wife never reads my blog. So I should be okay.

      3. Ha ha. She has to deal with me (and my tendencies) in real life… I imagine its quite draining… so I can’t really blame her for wanting some respite.

      4. You mean like making sure you are wearing helmets at appropriate times hahaha oh my, that image did make me laugh out loud. In which case, she is totally off the hook.

      5. Having been the recipient of quite a lot of blunt force trauma in my life, helmets, do, kinda, make sense…

        Alas… I am far too intractable to listen to other peoples well intentioned advice.

        Which makes being me… actually quite difficult.

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