Double take


Wait… what?

That is… quite an indictment of acid, City of Belfast! And also not necessarily, having once (accidentally) seen some pretty twisted Dutch porn, something I want to ruminate over while waiting for the bus (Although I do like the comic book style you’ve gone with).

To be completely honest. I’ve never… [internal monologue ‘Jesus, what’s the right term for this again, dropped?.. lets go with dropped, don’t want to lose my street-cred here] dropped acid… so… I can’t really attest to the veracity of wanting to hurl my own poo post (or indeed during the) event.

I have however seen a trip go bad at an impressionable age. Which likely curbed my enthusiasm for psychedelics.

*cue wavey lines…*

It was… 199… eh… lets go with seven. Having arrived late to a social gathering at a friends house I wasn’t party to the peer pressure of having to partake in said chemicals. One of my friends was already having quite a bad time of it though.

He was deathly afraid of the kitchen, which, with the lights off, was the ‘bad place’ and he started getting exceptionally anxious anytime anyone of us ventured too close.

Being boys (or maybe just cunts), we hatched a plan to take advantage of his compromised condition. One of the others said he was going into the bad place… but that everything was going to be ‘okay’. Going into the kitchen… he screamed and then went suddenly quiet.

Friend on acid (as you can imagine) is FREAKING OUT at this point. After a minute my other friend comes walking out of the kitchen… ‘They got me… I’m one of them now’, he says in a deadpan voice…

Friend on acid screams, rips the crucifix fixture off the wall and grabs a pair of those big clunky garment scissors off the desk. He backs himself into a corner holding the crucifix in front of him and the scissors up high ready to stab anyone who got to close to him.

It was one of those liminal moments where we suddenly realized that we’d done a bad thing.

To cut a long story short. No one got stabbed. And I got an interesting story to tell. I think this may have been the same party where I got drunk, stumbled out into the garden and got stuck in a rose bush for several hours. (not my finest moment)

Sufficed to say… actually, I have no idea where I was going with this… maybe with poor marketing.

I would have gone with, ‘I was high on acid and took a razor blade to my face and now I’m blind in one eye and frighten small children’.

I mean statistically you probably won’t. But permanent self mutilation its less humorous than feces… and isn’t the point of drug ads to make you NOT try something.

Although I hear acid can really expand your perception of reality and your sense of  meaning and life etc. My libertarian tendencies mean I think you should be able to ingest whatever you want. But there is that nagging feeling of ‘do no harm’… and I don’t think that is necessarily a statistical impossibility with psychedelics. 

I suppose when in doubt I am inclined to default to personal responsibility. And that the onus is on you to take the necessarily precautions before hand to make sure you and the people around you are safe. Don’t drop acid with dickheads. Maybe that’s a good starting point.


  1. I used to drop acid a lot. And a lot of it. It was my drug of choice. I didn’t do it to get high (mostly) nor did I do it with other people (except one or two maybe). I never had the desire to touch poo or even go poo while on it.

    I can also definitively say that I have now used the word “poo” more times in one post or response or any other type of writing than I ever have before. Strange…

    poo poo poo poo poo poo poo
    (Just to be sure!)

    1. Acid seems such a weird drug of choice… for me anyway… because the results are so variable. Be interested to know why you decided on that? Also did you have any bad trips? Or was it on the whole a good experience every time?

      Do you think its changed your brain chemistry… and/or your outlook on the world?

      1. I took it for spiritual enlightenment at the time. It’s a deep, long, involved conversation. I wouldn’t say I had any “bad trips” per se, but I did experience some things that might blow you mind. Having this conversation really depends on your outlook on life. For instance, (and I’m not saying anything for or against him) if Jim were to here what I’ve experienced, with his personal belief system, I would say that he would chalk up all of them to mere chemistry, molecules, and synapses firing/misfiring. I don’t believe that. I do believe there are multiple dimensions (or planes some people say). I am a very spiritual person who believes without any doubt in the self, the soul, the spirit, emotions, etc etc etc. I say that to say, knowing as I do about my surroundings and being spiritually in tune with the world around me, colors my perceptions and experiences and therefore my answer to you.

        Did it change my brain chemistry? It did. But now it does not. I was “healed” of that many years ago. (It’s another story.) Did it change my outlook? I will say overall, no, it did not. Or… I would have eventually (I believe) come to some conclusions without it. Was it on whole a good experience? Well, at the time, I loved it. People in that town knew me as the Acid Freak because I was either always doing it, just had done it, or knew where to get some. I had a few times where the strychnine was a bit high (dirty) and those weren’t fun. I saw some fucking creepy shit, but some fun shit too. I certainly learned to appreciate just stopping and staring and observing little things around me. Do I regret doing it? No. As a libertarian, I too believe we should have the choice, what we put in our bodies, as long as we use a little wisdom, especially. Though, I am entirely completely 100% against things like meth and krokidile. But then, I’m also against pharmaceuticals. 🤷🏼‍♀️ (what can I say…. I’m complicated… but actually I’m not lol)

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