White Dudes


Ha ha.

If only this wasn’t true.

I think it requires a certain level of hubris to start a podcast*… and white dudes have hubris in spades. (wait, did Joey just channel some progressive-ism?)

*maybe I should add Youtube channels to this (while I’m at it)

Also we love inflicting our opinions on those around us. Case in point, this blog. Which is as white as they come (seriously I have the papers to prove it) and is also incredibly opinionated. I also give myself a solid B- in questions of moral superiority. (I’m also pretty good at being able to tell whether the milk in the fridge has turned and whether or not the cheese I just found languishing near the back is salvageable)

The answer however, sadly for some, is no. I’m still straddling the center-line, occasionally squatting down to teabag the linoleum.

Calling out your own ‘kind’ should be par for the course. God knows you can’t call out anyone else these days on their particular brand of bullshit…. so… stick with what you know…

Just be aware that we don’t really listen. And any criticism makes us grasp the power of our patriarchy even more tightly. Seriously, you’ll have to take it from our cold dead hands (probably prying it away with a screwdriver)

Unless we’re trying to get laid. Then we’re progressive AF.

5 thoughts on “White Dudes

    1. I’ve (generally) found other bloggers to be… more genteel than other (social) forums. Having said that you still get the occasional ass-hat. Maybe I’ve just be lucky so far. It upsets me that they persistently felt the need to express themselves on the issue they took umbrage with. If you give them their URL I will go over there and challenge them to pistols at dawn. I like to channel Andrew Jackson in matters of honor… or they could just give me $20. That’ll also work.

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      1. Ah! Even better… little old ladies, in my experience, less accurate with the ol’ ball and powder routine than someone with more vigor and less rheumatoid arthritis. I feel (even more) confident now that I can avenge you. And if the state takes exception to my senicide, I know a P.O.

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