Tastes like freedom

Screenshot 2019-05-30 at 22.48.36.png

A giant memorial to the October Revolution in Minsk, Belarus, has been occupied by an American colonel. Albeit it one with (as I recall) an honorific title and not a rank gained grinding ones way through military service.

In any event, a real estate coup if ever there was one. Something that was completely unimaginable not so long ago.

Wars are no longer really won through force of arms anymore. The killing of combatants (and indeed non-combatants) with rapidly descending laser guided ordnance while making for a pretty light show will always struggle to kill the ideology and while it might win the battle it is unlikely to win the war. True victory, in the sense of crushing your enemy so completely that future generations only ever imagine them a kooky caricatures of a bygone era (if they even think of them at all) can only really be achieved through capitalism.

Wasn’t this the most import lesson of the cold war? That everyone east of Berlin in 1989 actually just wanted rock music, whiskey, blowjobs, burgers and french fries… and didn’t really seem all that keen on being harangued into fighting (and dying) for someone else’s idea on how ones life should be lived?

Anyways. Lessons we seem destined to have to relearn.

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