Rage level – expert


Ha ha. It took me years to reach this level of misanthropy. Kids these days seem to be on the fast track for everything. Also, how neat is this handwriting. And zero spelling mistakes. And one-speed is hyphenated. Hmmmm…


There’s a special place in hell for you guy! Faking pre-teen outrage and making me briefly cheerful. Know that I see through you and your attempt at viral.. ility.  Viral-ness? Viralpocalypse…

F you.

13 thoughts on “Rage level – expert

      1. Yes!! I would totally cook some for you. You would be amazed and in awe. You would never want to eat any other Indian food again because it wouldn’t compare…. lol – okay maybe not…. but I do think it’s pretty good. ☺️😋

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  1. Ha, I was not. I was on the sidelines while I watched the perfect storm unravel. An adorable little skateboarder knocked it down into the driveway and a crazy speeding Mercedes careened into it with little remorse. Only anger at the sweet little teen for bumping my bike. I was safely annoyed on the sidelines of entitlement lol

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