Agony Joey

Hi Jo. My best-friend keeps retweeting and sharing articles from Vox and the Daily Beast. I don’t know what to do…


Well… you should probably stop being friends with them. I know this is difficult to hear… but your friend is likely too far gone.

Really, the only acceptable news organization that you can share on any of your social media accounts is Fox news…

Fox news.png

And that’s only because they are hilarious.

11 thoughts on “Agony Joey

    1. Lol. Agreed! It’s actually super scary. Onion articles were always so obviously satirical or parody items… now if you were given just the article and asked to identify the source without prior knowledge I don’t think it would be so easy…

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      1. Lol. True. Its difficult to compete with the ridiculousness of real life.

        How insane we will look to future generations. (assuming we haven’t destroyed the world completely and there are future generations)

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      2. But the insane people are breeding, so what if the insanity survives into the future generations?!

        I’m putting my trust in Darwinism, and hoping that selfie accidents and tide pods diets will weed out the worst of it.

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      3. Ha. I think its a numbers game… and while Tide pods and selfie accident may help… the overwhelming numerical superiority of humanity will no doubt prevail. I use the word ‘superiority’ quite loosely…

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      4. Meh, I’m having my doubts these days. It always seems like a very small group of people are being loud enough to ruin it for everyone else these days.

        But if those guys will be the ones left standing on top, at least we’ll still have the whole “destruction of the entire world” thing to look forward to.
        If we can’t have sanity, I’m okay with that scenario!


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