Bent out of shape

In some ways I am quite predictable. You could likely surmise, probably correctly, that I prefer Deadpool and Lobo over… say, more mainstream superheros. Superman for example. Or even Spiderman (although I really enjoyed Into the Spider-verse, despite its stupid title). I like my heroes broken and flawed… but with just a skidmark of redeemability. Hmm. Pretty sure redeemability is a word! Why are you underlined in red you hate filled processor? Hmm okay… apparently not a real word. I stand corrected. Sure glad that wasn’t the hill I was prepared to die on…


In any event (before I get sidetracked) there is a #$%! framed picture of Karl Marx on the stairs at 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Westchester, New York!

Oh my god. The (good) X-men are communists? How to mess up my whole entire day/month/year/life!

*Joey paces his round his office in an manner that might suggest he is irked*

Wait… does this mean Karl Marx was a mutant?

I wonder what his powers were?

Having read Das Kaptial[1], I feel safe saying it definitely wasn’t writing short and punchy chapters. Definitely in my top ten reads for the insomniac and the mitigation of this condition through ennui. Along with the The History of the Peloponnesian War[2]… which is likely the toughest book I’ve ever attempted. Just thinking about it, makes me all anxious and reaching for a Xanax…

[1]I use the term ‘read’ quite loosely. I got about halfway.

[2]Probably… a third of the way through, before I finally admitted that I had no idea what was going on…

Both of these weighty tomes could have been greatly improved with pictures. And maybe speech bubbles. And onomatopoeia! Onomatopoeia makes everything better!


  1. Loved the exploration of the Marx as a mutant. Forget the Ambien read Das Capital any day for five minutes for a great ten hours sleep. Maybe that is why communism and socialism has failed so miserably. Thank you for the great article.

    1. Thank you for the great comment.

      And YES! I totally and wholeheartedly agree. The need to medicate ourselves into REM sleep, I feel, would be much diminished if everyone just started reading the ‘classics’. Das Capital… definite ranks up there… in fact, we could subtitle it…

      Ambien free since murdering all the Bourgeoisie.

      … its a working subtitle.

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