Democratic Debates (the rap)

Lolsnort. Damn… *Joey wipes his nose with the sleeve of his hoodie where he managed to reverse flow coffee through his sinuses*

I’d get rid of arms so fast you think you’re at the Saudi consulate.

That’s dark yo. (I still laughed)

I am a bad person.



      1. I guess I’d like to congratulate Trump on his 2020 default victory handed to himself by imbecilic Democrats. Is this the best we can do?

      1. I’m am super helpful πŸ˜€ Except if you want me to climb into the crawl-space in your roof and check your insulation. Then I’m totally less helpful.

      2. You’re are indeed bahaha love the emphasis.
        Er, I would not wish our attic space on anyone…it’s crazy up there. Don’t worry, I will call the professionals

      3. Thats seems like a really daunting profession that should have remuneration comparable to that of doctors and lawyers… I mean if you consider how awful it is.

      4. I agree. I feel that way about a number of professions actually. As the church owns our house, we have some amazing volunteers who do such crazy things for free, including my husband. Unsung heroes. (After the rats we had up there that sounded like they were literally building a city (only a couple fortunately, but geez Louise they are LOUD) I will never go up there. Never ever.)

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