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Fundamental Joeyism

Return of the bachelor

I came home. Kicked off my shoes and collapsed on the recliner (which was weirdly, basset free). For supper I ate… a bag of microwave popcorn, a tub of double cream yoghurt over which I had liberally poured maple syrup and half a tupperware of fried chicken livers. All the cornerstones of nutrition. I then settled in and watched a sci-fi (ish) double feature of my own design on Netflix, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and District 9 on Netflix.

My wife has taken herself and the progenies to visit her parents for a couple of days in the… *cue drum roll*…


Also known as Cape Town. (The front page of Sundays newspaper that was accidentally delivered to my house). I dropped them off at the airport this morning at 5am.

Wish my in-laws lived somewhere safer. Like Kabul. Or Bagdad. Proof that American imperialism and aggressive foreign policy actually makes those places safer… while Cape Town… currently lacking in drones and AC130 gunships is… well… its complicated. And I guess slightly unfair. In order to take the top spot there is some extrapolation of the statistics required. Also, geographically, it’s not quite as simple as that. In fact putting a picture of Cape Town city centre with table mountain in the back ground is a little disingenuous. But… you know, news (and stuff).

In any event I have been left to my own devices for the next couple of days…

… yeah…

I miss them already. They, for the most part, keep me grounded and on the straight and narrow. Without those guide rails I can feel my mind starting to bump up against the hard edges of my more… enigmatic tendencies. By Sunday night I’ll be sleeping with the 12 gauge and trading bitcoin futures…

…. actually Sunday might be a little optimistic.

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