Shark bait

On a list of human beings, Steven Spielberg, I feel has a lot to answer for. And I’m not just talking about Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull. Although, I must confess, if I look deep inside myself, left of my libertarian heart (which is three times smaller than a regular heart) there are still some smoldering embers of hatred there that, even after a decade since… my childhood was crushed under boot like someone mean-spirited might step on a snail… simply will not go out. I have since gathered this ever-smoking detritus in a tiny earthen bowl and placed them on the shrine (to the Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte) that I keep down there for when situations (now more numerous than I would like to admit) like this occur in my life. Actually... now that I think about it this altar is looking a little crowded. *picks up the little First Order Tie Fighter* *puts it back on the altar* ‘Not quite ready to deal with you yet either’.

In ANY event. Steven is also responsible for (one of) my biggest phobias.


Being young and impressionable Jaws really robbed me of my appreciation of the surf zone and any water that isn’t clearer than a LED lit aquarium.

Even now… many years later, the murky kelp forest near my parents house in the Cape is persona non-grata for the Jo and his delicious multi functional appendages and other extraneous protuberances.


My reluctance is also at least particularly fed by the their proximity to that particular stretch of water where the Great Whites have learnt to breach, somersault and then belly flop in a manner that may suggest playfulness. And also to snatch prey lollygagging on the surface at incredible velocity.

Weirdly these creatures are no longer the dominant predator in these waters.



Which is kinda scary. If not nothing else, today I learnt that Orca’s are basically the Hannibal Lecters of the ocean and totally less cuddly than I gave them credit for.

Also Blackfish makes sense to me now. Lull them into a false sense of security. And then drown them.



  1. Orcas are hands-down my absolute favorite animal. Which may account for all the orca tattoos. Though… it also makes sense now why I put the shark on the other leg, away from their only predators.

    1. Always keep your predators separated. Its a good rule for life.

      Being a crunchy I presume you are against the animal captivity? Especially Orcas?

      1. I am. I don’t even like it when pet owners tie out their dogs/goats/etc long-term or confine them to one small room, or pen etc. Like when they make them essentially live in their own excrement. That really bothers me.

      2. LIke when you’re trying to get the last of your milkshake out with your (biodegradable) straw?

    1. Orcas are prettier though. But I suppose… the pretty ones are also… (in my experience at least) the most crazy.

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