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Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it



Edit. There is now this racist recording involving Reagan that has come to light. Which… seems somehow typical. As soon as I like someone they’re revealed to have all these massive character flaws. Why can’t my paragons just be perfect. WHY?!?!


I like the Ricky Gervais method for quoting racists.  ‘Hey, that guy you quoted is a racist’ to which Ricky replies, ‘Not in that quote he’s not’ 

The last Republican president of the United States that I kinda liked. How great was this speech.

To be fair… I think I like him (at least partly) because the presidents that followed were all so completely and utterly shit and so I attribute a glow to him that likely is a bit of… psychological voodoo on my part. Also… while being alive during his tenure I was WAAAAAY too young to actually ‘live’ through his tenure…. and so I’ve romanticized it all in my brain.

However… in the devils… Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6)… defense he put in the work! And he put A LOT of thought into all his decisions and wrote his thought process down in his journal. Which I found to be a fascinating read.

And yes, I rate him over Obama. I feel the need to add an obligatory defense of my opinion now. I mean I liked Obama… as a person. He was just… *sigh* yeah, he turned out to be more of a political hack than the great steward of liberty that I’d built him out to be… I also kinda blame him for the Trump phenomenon. And yes, I realize he is a lighting rod for my annoyance… and that I’m likely being a bit petulant about his failure to live up to my incredibly high expectations… but you know… petulance is kinda my thing… even if those seeking the highest political office in the world should (in my opinion) be held to superhumanly high standards.

Also, as Stranger Things has illustrated. The 80’s were amazing! Absolutely the BEST time to have grown up in… mostly because it meant hitting adolescence in the early nineties meant you took the Alt rock phenomenon directly to the face. All music since has been lame. Not to say there wasn’t some decent stuff in 00’s. But really, the foundations were laid in the late eightees early ninetees. My ancillary paragraph about how great my life was now done I can likely move on.

All hail ‘The New Colossus’


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