South Africans make me laugh. Every conversation today will be dominated by how cold it is and how none of us can deal with this hardship…

For the most part we are bundled up like we are about to embark on an assault of the Annapurna Massif, only sans ropes and crampons. Struggling to check our blind-spot when we drive due to sheer volume of layers, every AC cranked up to the maximum setting and cradling hot coffee to ward off the frost bite that we KNOW is imminent. (as Joey pokes his extremities for the tell-tale signs of blackening… or is it reddening… or perhaps the more revealing indicator of an errant toe left behind in his thermal socks)


I mean we will probably survive. Albeit not an assured outcome if based purely on the national mood and the general frigidity of the narrative around the peculator.

18 thoughts on “Frostbite

      1. Ha ha. Yeah, its just the flip side of the coin, you guys can’t deal with warm… we can’t deal with cold. Although I’m pretty sure we whine more.

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      1. A quality nemesis doesn’t just wander along everyday… I think I’d prefer if you just wore sunscreen, stuck to the shade and stayed hydrated (with the blood of virgins)

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      2. mmmmm virgins….
        hahaha! 😆
        I don’t wear sunscreen… but I do move to the shade as necessary or possible. Nobody says I have to sit on my porch for five hours reading, now do they?

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    1. I see what you did there. Ha ha.

      I must be honest SA beat AUS in the rugby on Saturday… so despite the antarctic like conditions… we are super cheerful.

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      1. I don’t really follow any sports… but I am dimly aware of issues that affect national morale. We (as a Nation) get super sad when we loose to Australia in Cricket and Rugby.

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