I got the dud.


My wife has always maintained I got the dud German Shepherd (coming from a Basset Hound owner that REALLY stings).

I, of course, voraciously defend my dog and their working breed status. Although to be fair, my GSD makes it quite hard for me sometimes.



    1. I knew I liked you for a reason! I mean I’m sure there are other reasons… but loving German Shepherds is right up there. Ha ha. You’re alright Tara, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise…

      1. Oh you! ☺️ There’s a GSD right down the road and I always talk to him when I walk by because he’s super 😍 AAANDD they also have a…. Basset Hound. lol wait…. ohmygod are you my neighbor?!

      2. Lol! That could be the basis for a very… creepy movie. Ha ha.

        I wish I lived in Alaska. Looks amazing.

      3. I can’t even imagine that… its such a bizarre foreign concept. Must have taken some getting used to.

      4. I was born here, so, no. But when I lived in the lower 48 (aka the contiguous US) it took some getting used to the hours staying so much the same as the months wax and wane.

      5. Oh. I thought you migrated there. I didn’t know you were a native.

        You learn something new every day.

  1. Oh yeah, having your dog insulted by a Basset Hound owner is about as low as you can get…
    My dad bought us a Basset Hound when I was a kid, and it was the most pathetic creature I have ever known. You can’t help feeling sorry for something that trips on its own ears and then falls into the water bowl…

    1. Ha ha. Basset Hounds are ridiculous creatures. The French should not make cars. Or breed dogs. Leave both of those to your formerly aggressive neighbor (who now loves everyone)

      1. Now you mention it… French bulldogs are not really prime specimens, either. They might be friendly, but I never understood why people would want a dog that’s basically a brick with breathing problems.

      2. Lol. For some reason I just imagined you climbing a tree to try hug a big fluffy owl…

        How to get ‘real’ Witcher scars…


      3. That is such a niche… eh… reference. Did Philippa get her revenge in your game?

      4. Can’t remember if she did in my first playthrough, but for some reason I couldn’t get the quest to trigger in my second one.
        Oh well, guess that just means I’ll have to go for round three!

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