Planetary undo


Hmm. Anyone else notice how that USB slotted right in on the first try… and you didn’t have to turn it over? Like when does that EVER happen?


That happens to other people right?

I also struggle with HDMI cables…

And sometimes keys.



      1. Wisdom questions, whereas blind faith is a dangerous quagmire some get stuck in. Thankfully you noticed that I worded my comment like a politician. You answered it very wisely. For like everyone else, I also do the USB which way is the right way wiggle.

      2. Trust me, if there was any wisdom involved it was likely by accident. Sagacity was… eh… is my dump stat πŸ˜€

      3. Thank you beloved, for today I learnt the word Sagacity and the expression dump stat. It is only recently I learnt the expression NPC and the joy of seeing some in this light and be able to be in the same room as they are without feeling the need to flee.

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