For the glory of Bast

Whats creepier than a hairless sphynx cat?


A creepy robotic sphynx cat!

Stuff of nightmares, said the dog-person, giving an involuntary shudder. I mean if the supreme AI would want to take on a physical form that invokes a (negative) emotional response in its servile human thralls… this might be a good choice. You know… in the dystopian future where the machines have risen up, taken over the world and homo sapiens have been shortlisted as a superfluous organism.

My three year old has recently come out as a cat-person. Her mother and I are… well… I mean we still love our child… but its been hard. How does something like this even happen? (on the plus side she may be spared by our feline overlord… so maybe its not all bad)

She keeps asking us when we are going to buy her a cat. Who… *sigh* will apparently be named ‘Sugar-lips’. Admittedly, this is progress… for a long time she named every single one of her Teddy bears, ‘Charlie’. (I tried to point out that our daughter was channeling the collectivism of the Borg… my wife however is not a geek and so my grand analogy fell flat). Also… I suppose… who are we to judge, our bassets name is Napoleon Dynamite. (and our next basset will be called Montgomery Burns)

In any event. We have broadly decided that if we are going down this route we will get her a Maine Coon. Which, after some research and googling (which cat breeds are more like dogs) seems like a good compromise choice.


15 thoughts on “For the glory of Bast

      1. You’re a woman! Women are supposed stoically push through flu and colds with nary a complaint…

        Manflu… now THATS something serious!

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      2. Ha ha ha! Yes, you guys think that flu is equally opportunistic and lays down the smack fairly among the genders. But we always get hit WAAAAAAAAAY harder. Basically cripples us for days on end…

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      3. haha yes, I am sure it would be exactly the same if men could give birth, 😁
        …but I can only speculate as I have never experienced it myself. I did, however, see this video that did the rounds a few years ago, of men wanting to experience labour pains, so some helpful doctors got them hooked up to all of the necessary equipment to simulate the pain. That was hilarious!

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      4. I’ve heard about about that labor experience. Ha ha. I totally believe if that men could… or rather had to reproduce… things would likely be very different. :-/

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