Dutch courage

The downside of really strong pain killers. ‘Check it out, I can put weight on it already and everything’. ‘I don’t think I even need my crutches’.

10 minutes later.

‘OMG I am in soooo much pain…’

*lies down on the sofa and starts to make this low pitched mewling noise*

*thinks about going towards the light*


I mean I’ve had quite a good run. Maybe it’s time…


  1. I would hit the not like button if there were one.
    No, it’s not time. Think of the children. ☺
    You could turn it into a really confusing object lesson…er, say no to drugs kids, except when you are injured, but then, see how it messes with your brain, and it could lead to lots more pain…and you know I need caffeine.
    I hope you got er more drugs?

    1. Don’t worry, I’ll put in a word with the ‘big guy’ for you… as per our arrangement. If you go first you’d do the same for me… right? Ha ha.

      I’ll tell him my Lutheran joke…

      How many Lutherans does it take to change a light bulb?

      I’m not sure, but its bound to cause a split.

      *Joey laughs at his own joke*

      1. Sorry…I’ve been sick…I was going to write something then got called away by someone and forgot to come back 🙄

        haha I am happy with this arrangement, but only because we all have a sense of humour…as if I could tell God anything he doesn’t know already… 😎

        I wish you could hear my really authentic laugh to your awesome joke. This may or may not be sarcasm.
        How is the injured Jo doing these days anyway? Or have you written more about it? I suppose I should just check…

      2. You need to get better! This constant sickness stuff…. its not good for you!

        I thought I was getting better… turns out I was just… high. Ha ha. I don’t know if thats the right term.

      3. Er yes…actually I haven’t had a cold or flu for over 2 years fortunately, it’s the auto immune stuff that I am trying to get a handle on…but thanks for caring 😁

        bahaha it probably is totally the right term. Such a mixed blessing

    1. I actually snapped off someones Achilles tendons once in an MMA bout. He had my back and had sunk a rear naked choke. I had him in an ankle lock. He thought I was going to tap out… or maybe pass out before I snapped his ankle off… In any event, that sound… bam, bam, bam will live with me forever. *shudder*

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