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Fundamental Joeyism

Atheist at a funeral


Ha ha. This basically me at every funeral I go to. It’s especially awkward for when the person in front of you in the condolences queue has really laid the religiosity on thick with…. thoughts and prayers and united again in heaven etc. And then you come along… ‘Hi…yeah… um… I’m really sorry for your loss… and… yeah’.

I have this huge imposter syndrome thing going on at these sorts of events. I think I would have preferred an old school send off that involves setting things on fire and then getting uproariously drunk afterwards (and passing out in a ditch). That way you don’t really have to vocalize anything to anyone and it doesn’t have to get weird.

Screenshot 2019-08-22 at 08.35.27.png

We’ve really gone backwards on this whole epic send off thing. Tea and white bread and cheese sandwiches in the church hall afterwards doesn’t really have the same sense of Beowulfianism that a burning longboat has…

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