1. It’s funny, yet I can’t help thinking of all the jackasses that will take it as a challenge… Hope she didn’t have to deal with too many gross comments or groping attempts >.<

    1. I can only imagine there was some level of gross-ness. Stuff like this brings out the creeps. Plus I suppose all the socially inept boys (that cons are packed with) that fail at social cues and verbalization… I don’t think they mean to be that way. But it often turns out that way. Anyways, kudos to her.

      1. I once cosplayed a character with a whip.
        Not going to list everything that happened that con. I’ll just say that I got licked and leave it at that… 😛

      2. Omg. I just had an involuntary shudder on your behalf. I don’t even like hugging strange people. Large family gatherings where I have to hug strange cousins I haven’t seen for years and years give me massive anxiety.

        I hope you used the whip on said individual. In a extremely prejudicial manner… maybe following it up with a headbutt.

      3. Honestly… I was so confused I just sort of stood there, blinking.
        I was having this perfectly normal conversation with a guy that seemed fairly well-adjusted when he suddenly leaned forward, licked me on the nose, and then leaned back and kept talking like nothing had happened.

        That was 8 years ago. Today, I would probably kick him between the legs on instinct.

      4. I’m glad you’ve gotten more violent in your old age. (I use the term old age quite loosely)

        Release your inner Skjoldmø…

      5. Problem is, the Danish cosplayer community is so small that everyone knows I’m not an easy victim (Read: My temper, at one point, had as much of a reputation as my owl.)
        Not that I WANT to be accosted by creeps, but I very much want an excuse to make creeps terrified to prey on other cosplayers in the future.

      6. Bludgeon them with your incredibly blunt sword. That will infuse the message.

        For some reason I just thought of Conina, daughter of Cohen.

        You’re like my only wordpress buddy who loves TP as much as I do.

      7. Damn, you’re right… I should have cosplayed Conina.

        I am cosplaying a Pratchett character at the next convention, but it will be Crowley from Good Omens. Out of the two major characters in that, I pick the one WITHOUT a sword…

        (Because in Aziraphale’s defense, it only takes him 6000 years to find it again)

      8. Don’t get too excited 😛 I picked Crowley because he dresses pretty much like me and I realized I could put half of this cosplay together from what I have in my closet already, and because the sunglasses means I won’t have to bother do my makeup.

        Basically, I picked this cosplay because I can’t be bothered to put in an effort lately xD

      9. Cosplay for people who are *tired*
        People who have done the impressive looking armors and now really just want to be able to sit down.
        Also, I meet a lot of friends at conventions and last time I stabbed about 5 of them with my pauldrons while going for a hug…

      10. Ha ha. Yeah, spiky pauldrons… make for awkward and overly complicated maneuvering to engage in a social convention.

        I understand now. 😀

        ‘How’d you lose the eye?’

        ‘Michelle stabbed me in the face’

        ‘oh… still better than taking an arrow to the knee… I guess’.

        ‘She does that too?’



      11. That cosplay with the spiky pauldrons was actually supposed to have a bow, but I abandoned the idea, because I couldn’t even pretend to draw it for a picture without stabbing myself in the face…

        I should find a sensibly dressed archer to dress up as one of these days.

      12. You can put your hair in a bun. Sniff some glue and go as Cheryl from the series Archer…

        Lol. My mind leapfrogs to strange places.

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