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Daily Journal

I so desperately want to be cool

I’m feeling especially neoteric today. Reactivated my twitter account and am motivated (for the next twenty minutes at least) to broadcast my Fundamental Joeyism to the world. Eh… once more… into the breach. He said. Waving his crutch in a manner a no-knock Swat team might find menacing.

In all honesty I’ve tried this before and my enthusiasm waned after about week when the sepsis set in and it dawned on me how gross twitter actually is/was. THIS TIME I am taking precautions and double gloving it. (is that a doctor thing or a sex thing?) In any event, I have no friends.

But I think I would like some. And if you seem nice I will endeavor to practice some form of reciprocity. As long as that doesn’t involve blowjobs. Having never attempted such maneuvering it might turn out to be all teeth and gagging. Trust me on this, you don’t want to be the first.

Also I promise it won’t all be libertarianism and mewling. Sometimes I will post Bollywood.

That seems like a good product mix… right?

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