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I love South African vernacular. It is literally my favorite thing about living here. I am a massive logophile and it makes me laugh (probably every day). There are dialects here that can make the tears stream down my face and my diaphragm ache with laughter. Of the… *counts on his fingers* four languages I speak (mostly) fluently and the other three or four that I feel I can understand sufficiently to get by in, Afrikaans is by far the best language to transmit humor in. (Obviously this can only be judged by me in what I have experience in)

A Moegoe is an idiot. More like a bumbling incompetent though. The etymology is, according to Wikipedia, Afrikaans and Tsotitaal. I would have initially guessed Fanagalo, but whatever, there is probably some Venn overlap. Tsostitaal is… I suppose the best way to describe it would be like a gangster cant. In any event… it is the perfect word to describe this particular group of incompetents. …


You know when the TSA were tested and they missed 68 of the 70 of the dangerous items that were being smuggled through airport security. That’s kinda analogous to the United Nations. Only the UN are responsible (through their gross incompetence) for A LOT more death.

They really piss me off.

To be fair. Its not all their fault that they are so unbelievably shit at what they do. The biggest member states have kneecapped them to such a degree that their ineffectiveness is sorta symptomatic of broader geopolitics. The big five tolerate the smaller nations at the table because it gives them a sense of being important and gives them the illusion that they can influence policy. Ha ha.

I’d be embarrassed to tell people I worked for the UN (in any role). Considering how much money they absorb, there is likely a case to be made that this is the organization where you get the absolute least bang for your buck. Which is quite an indictment.

Wait, even if they can’t stop countries fighting what about all the other good stuff they’ve done like AIDS… you know… stuff, vaccinations, digging wells, building schools, de-worming kids, handing out mosquito nets, supplying bags of grain (the ones that haven’t gone moldy in the warehouse I mean) to starving villages… important humanitarian endeavors!

To that I say, you know when government or a town council builds a block of toilets in a park and the bill comes to $10,000,000.00 And you think to yourself HOLY COW! How can a couple of toilets cost that much? But really that’s about the extent of your outrage… because… well… its not really your money (only it is but, you know diluted over so many people it feels like nothing) That’s the UN helping people!

Imagine if you took the UN’s humanitarian budget added the peacekeeping budget and then all the money the diplomats and running the actual UN organization costs (with all their New York penthouses, fleets air-tickets etc), pooled all that money… into a FUND… and then dispensed that money across a range of charities, monitored (and maybe audited) by someone like the effective altruism movement.

I don’t think you can argue that wouldn’t be better for the people that need aid?

But the UN facilitates aid into active war-zones and hostile areas that would be dangerous for private organizations….

Um… have you ever seen the troops that get committed to peace-keeping missions? The ubiquitous blue helmets are ALWAYS troops from the minor nations in the UN…. some of them with VERY questionable human rights ‘issues’ back home. Why is this? Well… because they’re cheap. And (I know this sounds mean) but they are expendable. The UN gives money to these countries to put their troops there. Money that is then… well it probably doesn’t all go to the peacekeeping mission. Also these troops are… for the most part… how do I put this politely… they’re rubbish. And scared. They’re being pimped out by their government as ‘mercenaries’ with middling equipment and logistical support (no air-support, no indirect fire-base to call upon) and plonked down in a foreign land that given a chance will murder them in a heartbeat and take their stuff. Then they are told to go out and patrol and keep the peace.

South African Peacekeeper.jpg

Trust me when I say you don’t want a South African ‘Peace keeper’ in your neck of the woods. (I feel okay about lampooning my people)


They will sell or lose their gear, impregnate your women (not always with consent), discharge their weapons ‘accidentally’ and will probably only ‘patrol’ within a 1km radius of their base.

The bottom line is, real peace keeping costs money. Way more money than your conflict is worth to us (the world). Human life has a price-tag and some lives are worth more than others.