Mad cow

Woah… *blinks* is that evil looking bovine eating a Macaw?

EDPCWTrXoAAV0Fy (1).png

Um… I want to fix this for you Peta.

Veganism kills. But eating meat kills more. (this feels a little more accurate to me)

You do know the Amazon is getting chopped and burned down more for soybean production than beef right? (Because you know, tariffs and China-US trade wars and stuff)

Obviously I’d like to be on the side of the least death. (Also on the side of free trade, the lack of which is largely responsible for the current situation). While I feel Peta and their supporters are coming from a good place… I really struggle to… ‘click’ (for a lack of a better word) with their ideology.

As a counter argument, enforced universal veganism, would likely stave off the planet wide environmental catastrophe that’s coming. At least for a while…

So there’s that.


  1. Never seen the poster before, it’s a bit weird, but I get it. I’ve personally got to the stage now, where I actually see meat as corpse during an autopsy. It’s interesting, but the thought of eating it is quite upsetting, especially seeing as it is actually and always a corpse of a baby. {{{shudder}}}

    1. I have a friend who tried to describe her sense of meat to me in similar terms. And I’ve thought about it a lot over the years… and how I am (even though I don’t eat red meat) at least partially involved in the gears and cogs of the suffering machine. I don’t really have a good answer for you. Occasionally I am reviled by my status as an omnivore…. and other time less so. I do think if we all had to kill our own food our diets would look very different and our relationship with food would be forever altered. Much easier to have someone else do our killing for us.

      1. Yes and there’s the rub. For the slaughterer is also a victim, for they suffer horribly and horrifically have mental issues. Yet they are there due to demand, if the demand wasn’t there and then they would gain employment in a more productive way. Seriously, the slaughterers are either sadistic or victims. What a sad world we live in.

      2. I can’t imagine shooting cows all day in the head with a bolt gun… I guess thats why they’re automating these days, gassing the pigs and drowning chickens in foam.

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