Apparently Gracie is six years old…


Either she is a homicidal maniac… or she appreciates that in a democracy we all take collective responsibility for our governments actions. So when that drone strike takes out that target in a far away land and the collateral damage is messily spread out on the edges of the crater, that’s on every citizen that voted for the incumbent…

That… or maybe she’s thinking about something else.

She also wavered on the ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me’. Which makes me cheerful on a personal level. Six year olds don’t really have an opinion on God. Their god (weirdly) is that of their parents who live to indoctrinate their progeny in their strange rituals and beliefs, thereby ensuring the continued existence of their god. Although wouldn’t it be great if, just to mess with convention, every so often, Christian parents, got a Muslim pre-schooler (or vice versa).

Probably a good thing I am not a deity*… because I would totally do this. Would also make some people randomly gay. And some people ridiculously beautiful.


*although if you guys are hiring, I’d like to make myself available for selection. Infallibility (and extreme hubris) is kinda my thing. I would make a great deity!


6 thoughts on “Rarely

    1. If God… were to say… ‘trip’ and fall down the stairs you mean…

      I must be honest my swimsuit body is a little… eh… less well defined than it used to be… but if you love me… I mean if you REALLY love me… I can pull myself towards myself and do a couple of crunches…

      For the fans. Followers. Whatever.



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