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Fundamental Joeyism

Vegetables. And stuff.

As we’ve seen, this isn’t always the case. Often people who commit terrible acts are empathetic and caring in other parts of their lives. One manifestation of this, often pointed out by those who want to mock vegetarians, was the concern that many Nazi’s had for non-human animals. Hitler famously loved dogs and hated hunting, but this was nothing compared to Hermann Goring, who imposed rules restricting hunting, the shoeing of horses and the boiling of lobsters and crabs – and mandated that those who violated these rules be sent to concentration camps! (This was the punishment that he imposed on a fisherman for cutting up a live frog for bait). Or take Joseph Goebbels who said, ‘The only real friend one has in the end is the dog… the more I get to know the human species, the more I care for my Benno’. 

– Against Empathy, the case for rational compassion by Paul Bloom.


There’s a… I want to to say Vegetarian… but now that I think about it… it might not be 100% that way inclined, having, as of yet, not perused the entire menu… lets go with; there’s a mostly vegetarian restaurant that’s opened up near my daughters school. Their neighbor is a Zero waste grocer.  (I think they’re owned by the same person)

I’ve always taken a quite a dim view of vegetarians (mostly because of their fanaticism… that is until I met a Vegan in real life, ha ha). Even though my wife was a vegetarian when we met. (I turned her to the dark side of omnivorous-ness… kinda… she eats chicken now… a pariah to her former caste).

In any event, I think the liminal moment for me was when I was forced to go to a Vegan restaurant for a birthday once. It was a buffet lunch which, initially I thought must be a survivable experience. But everything I picked was grim and bland and just generally awful. And trust me on this when I say I am not a fussy eater, having eaten raw-horse meat and chicken testicles and water beetles all manner of eyeballs in China.


I sat there picking listlessly at the vegan spread before me… it all so joyless. (I really like eating… its like my favorite thing… admittedly I have never tried heroin… or been given a blowjob while someone is gently massaging my prostate while whispering in my ear how amazingly ripped I am… I realize their are gaps in my life experience checklist)

I don’t really have a problem with killing and eating other creatures. I appreciate that I come from a long line of killers and my lineage is one of death and destruction. And while I appreciate that now, in modernity, I have the capacity (both cognitively and practically) to eat cruelty free and (to some degree) with less death there is a conscious decision being made not to. Because well… <insert good reason here when I think of one later>.

Also, I guess, there may be some ethical considerations now to eating with more… whats the word I’m looking for, fastidiousness, lest you are, as the epigram goes, part of the problem instead of the solution. (in a planetary demise and ecology sense)

Its been pointed out that I wouldn’t kill and eat my dog. Which is fair, because the basset hound is old now… and you’d likely have to slow roast him for hours to make him even remotely palatable. And the German Shepherd… well I kinda like her. I’d feel weird about about eating her. But… while I have never hunted before I could likely see myself hunting a whitetail or an elk… and eating it, for example. (I despise trophy hunters… but I’m okay with the concept of hunting for sustenance and resource management).

unnamed (3).jpg

While this is not a redemption story… or some sort of moral epiphany… god… I can’t even spell epiphany… (I eventually had to right click on it).

I think I just want to say that I’ve eaten at this place three times now. And each time the food was *#@$en amazing!

And cheap! How are all vegetarians not millionaires?

(vaguely I wonder if I should add somewhere that is post is combative satire, and that I love both vegetarians and vegans. You guys are amazing)

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