Paper or plastic

This would likely be me…


…if I actually had any cash. I can’t even remember the last time I used an ATM. In fact, in modernity, I feel irrevocably inconvenienced if I can’t just ‘tap’ for payments. Do you know how dirty money is?

Also I look forward to my shopping experience soon to be entirely devoid of human interaction. Admittedly when they are gone I will likely post about the ‘good old days’ when a ‘person’ bagged your groceries and someone engaged with you at the point of sale and (albeit just a pointless social dynamic) asked you ‘how you were doing’…

… and if you’re the crazy cashier at my local butcher ask if she can use your online betting profile to put money down on the horses. Apparently she’s been banned… I made the mistake of engaging her after my curiosity was piqued. I worry that she feels we have become familiar. Or perhaps even worse that our brief interactions have given her the impression that I would even have an online betting profile. She smiles at me in a manner that suggests she could make it worth my while and then adjusts some of her purple fringe back behind her ear.

I let her down gently…. by telling her I’m a Mormon. My go-to example for channelling morality. Well… this is more my L’esprit de l’escalier moment later (in the car)… dammit I should have said I was a Mormon. Being Mormon must be a great ‘get out of jail free card’ when your co-workers want to engage in some or other disreputable behaviour after work. If people know you’re an atheist they often just assume you’re basically ‘good-to-go’ for anything and everything. (while also imagining you twist the heads off bunnies in your spare time)

Notice how I didn’t go with Catholicism (theoretically my area of expertise) as my moral high ground… ha ha. Rectitude isn’t really their strong suit anymore. Although you could likely make the argument that things have been on a downward trajectory since the first crusade.

In any event, the time is coming when my raging misanthropy, introversion and bacteriophobia will all be sufficiently dulled by technological advancement. I might even start to enjoy this consumerism malarkey.

Yay new experiences yay.


      1. It needs to be pretty 😉 “Kroner” translates to “Crowns”, so they need to live up to their royal termology… or something.
        I wish they hadn’t made new bills, though. They replaced poor Niels Bohr with a bridge…

      2. Poor Niels! Its because you guys are all anti-nuclear now… or something. But doesn’t all your Danish money feature some sort of bridge now? Or am I mis-remembering that?

      3. All the notes do, yes. We also got some 20 DKK coins with bridges on them, but those are special editions.

        (We both seem to know a lot about physical currency, considering we don’t really use it…)

      4. Comes from your long history of hoarding currency. Ha ha. (from the church collection boxes of England and France)

        Its a tough cycle to break 😉

      5. I do actually collect coins 😛 It hasn’t been much fun lately, though, since I have only been traveling within the EU in the last several years, and we’re not many that have kept our old currency.

    1. God no. Unless of course Jim is leaving me money… in which case… I am TOTALLY related.

      If you have sworn a blood oath to rid the world of Jim and his kin… then I have no knowledge of this Jim character and/or his machinations.

      Why do you ask… (hopeful that it is the former… Jim is quite old… could kick off any day now)

    1. My friend is an ER doctor. He had to remove a champagne cork last week… from a… very challenging location.

      You comment made me think of that. Ha ha.

      My mind immediately goes to unwholesome places.

      1. Lol. I saw a sign the other day in a store somewhere in the world. ‘Money retrieved from undergarments will no longer be accepted’.

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