Human centipede technique

So policing in South Africa has become, over the years… um… what is the right word so describe a condition where an entire nations citizenry don’t really trust or respect the police… and every neighborhood basically hires mercenaries to keep them safe. Whatever the word for that is.

Personally, I can only attest that I wouldn’t involve the police in ANYTHING in my life unless I absolutely had to. Or my insurance company forced me to.


Our neighborhood has new mercenaries. They are eager to prove themselves against the incumbents for a bigger slice of the affluent citizens pie.

These new guys seem particularly cowboy-esque. They race around in their Golf Gti’s and ooze so much macho bullshit and swagger it almost seems comical. Only they have big guns. And since the law on private contractors effecting actual police work seems, at least to the layman, quite gray…

In any event, after a car chase they caught two near-do-wells, doing… something… They posted their handwork on the local whatapps group this morning.



I want to know what they did. And does it justify the human-centipede technique? Because this seems particularly cruel.


      1. Have you been to western Canada? Really anywhere outside the big cities is really cool, from east to west it’s pretty amazing.

      2. I haven’t. The furthest I’ve been west is Toronto. I hear its amazing though. But we’re thinking somewhere more rural. We have friends in Sask. The downside is it gets a might chilly. (I’m wearing flip-flops at work today) South Africans are notoriously intolerant of cold weather. If drops below 50F the North Face jackets come out… Haha

      3. I struggle between Panama and Washington weather too. I quickly acclimate to the heat, then shiver for a couple months. It’s amazing though, after a while it’s shorts and chanclas (sometimes with a sweatshirt) just about year round.

      4. Thats pretty cool. I sometimes wonder what it must be like to have an affinity with ones culture. I feel very disconnected from it all. Sometimes I think thats a good thing… sometimes… a bad.

      5. She’s also half Panamanian, so she’s all over the place. I agree Jo. My family hardly speaks to each other. We get along fine, but really disconnected. Not so on her side. It’s family family family. Oh, BTW, this conference was about decolonizating your mind and embracing your indigenous roots. My heritage decimated hers. I support her fully in her efforts and her work as a shaman.

      6. To get the pinnacle of ‘civilization’ on the backs of others. My people are responsible for the biggest organized extermination of another culture. Plus I grew up in Apartheid South Africa. (in my defence it was pretty much over by the time I was old enough to know about it) But I’ve thought about this A LOT.

        I see a lot of hatred for the colonizers here. Despite not having anything to with it. Much like in the States, the question of paid reparations was never really dealt with here. And so theres a lot of bitterness.

        I don’t really know what the right solution is. Its impossible to make that stuff right.

      7. I think reparations would be awesome. A one and done! We give 38billion a year to prop up Israel. Restoring the value and stays of greenwood Oklahoma were we intentionally wiped out the prosperous stock market of our black populations. And on and on. Spanish gold going back to Latin America would be something too.

      8. Yup. All those European churches and papal vaults lined with stolen gold from massacred peoples. Can’t say I’d be sad to see it ripped out and given back. (preferably with interest)

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