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Human centipede technique

So policing in South Africa has become, over the years… um… what is the right word so describe a condition where an entire nations citizenry don’t really trust or respect the police… and every neighborhood basically hires mercenaries to keep them safe. Whatever the word for that is.

Personally, I can only attest that I wouldn’t involve the police in ANYTHING in my life unless I absolutely had to. Or my insurance company forced me to.


Our neighborhood has new mercenaries. They are eager to prove themselves against the incumbents for a bigger slice of the affluent citizens pie.

These new guys seem particularly cowboy-esque. They race around in their Golf Gti’s and ooze so much macho bullshit and swagger it almost seems comical. Only they have big guns. And since the law on private contractors effecting actual police work seems, at least to the layman, quite gray…

In any event, after a car chase they caught two near-do-wells, doing… something… They posted their handwork on the local whatapps group this morning.



I want to know what they did. And does it justify the human-centipede technique? Because this seems particularly cruel.