Maximum carnage

Good morning all you wonderful people. (Oh and Jim)

I’ve been busy this week (crushing the hopes and dreams of my employees) so I feel I need to ease myself back into the daily spam blog routine. By tomorrow I will have fully recovered from the this sudden burst of exuberance and I’ll be back to… eh… whatever it is that I actually do.

I love this kid. Off the top of my head, possible answers are usually,

  1. Utilitarian. You believe killing one person (versus five) is a superior ethical decision and so you flip the switch.
  2. Or you’re a Kant(ian). Or a deontologicalist (that may be a made up word) or religious. So you believe… that… the act of you flipping the switch is akin to murder. Where as if you’d just let the five people get smashed it would have been a (tragic) accident. Not flipping the switch is therefore the correct moral choice. Also God might have wanted those five people to die, so really, who are you to interfere with the machinations of a deity.

I think about this all the time. Especially in the bath while I’m soaking my plus sized carcass and getting my dermis to that premium wrinkly state.

This kid adds a third dimension I never considered before…

3. Homicidal mania.

I mean if you’re going to be teased with moral conundrums… might as well go big and upset everyone.


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