My people, leading the way in… gastronomie anthropoda. Nom nom nom.

Being Capetonians they likely spent an inordinate amount of time mulling over which wine they should pair with their mealworm. Personally I would I have gone for nice tasty Merlot.

It suddenly dawns on me that Khwezi (a boy in my grade eight class), who cut the head off a silkworm and then ate it was actually a visionary and not (as we imagined at the time) mentally disturbed.

He was however beaten into a pulp by the deputy headmaster in front of the class shortly thereafter. Not for eat silkworms. He was playing with a condom during religious education. Sister Mary-Josef took exception to this happenstance and reported him. Mr Collier burst in during Algebra, violently maneuvered the offender into the corner of the classroom and entranced upon him a combination of shovel hooks and uppercuts.

This was at the tail end of Apartheid, beating a black kid with your fists in front of a shocked class of 12 year olds, while frowned upon, wasn’t exactly a career ending move. As I understood it, while he was asked to resign post event, he went on to headmaster at a nearby Catholic girls school shortly thereafter.

Khwezi was also asked to leave. He beat me in a chess tournament several years later. So whatever repercussions he suffered, he wasn’t brain damaged. Or… at least I hope he wasn’t. That wouldn’t really reflect very well on my prowess to push with the pawns.

In any event I’d probably eat at this restaurant. I’ll put anything in my mouth at least once. *thinks* Except a penis. And maybe those crazy chilies that are off the scoville scale. But other than that…

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