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Fundamental Joeyism, Libertarianism

The world I want to live in…

A common criticism of libertarianism and of libertarians generally is that they live in la-la-land and that they have a very skewed Pollyannaistic view of how things could work and place waaaay too much hope in the ability of humans to cooperate effectively without a leadership caste that can dole out oversight and supervision.

I admit that I am quite optimistic. (Despite my occasional misanthropy) I feel it is quite a sad indictment of humanity if you believe this is as good as it can get… after all, what is the point of it all if we can’t progress to a higher order social system?

This guy nails it way more succinctly than I ever could. (I transcribed the first minute and a half or so…)

I just want to be able to sit on my porch and drink homemade whiskey while I use my phone to order a pizza that is going to be delivered by a drone that I am paying for with cryptocurrency that was mined using renewable energy. I’m ordering this pizza because the newly married, inter-racial, gay couple next door is coming over to introduce me to their recently adopted refugee child. Now he’s a refugee from a natural disaster because we don’t have war refugees anymore. They’re bringing dessert. They bought it at a bake sale benefiting the K through PHD community run school that is free for all and stays fully funded because people understand that education is a community asset.

After lunch a nurse friend of mine is going to come over. She works up at the free hospital that is voluntarily funded by local businesses who understand that a healthy community is an economically viable community. She’s picking up some grapes, she’s going to turn them into jelly, she’s going to give me five jars, keep about five jars and give ten jars to the local food bank. Every yard grows food and what isn’t needed is shared, there’s no big daddy government forcing all of this to happen it just people helping people…

Also, anyone with a beard, wearing a curious George cap who vlogs from his… garage? Is bound to be the good sort. 😀

I could (probably) live in his world.