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Daily Journal

I only work in black…

… and sometimes very, very dark grey. – Batman

I haven’t really foisted any of my nerd culture stuff on my three year old. She has her little friend ‘gang’ at school and they refer to each other in the super hero alter egos they have assumed. It warms the cockles of my black heart. Assuming I even have… eh… cockles. (Or even a heart)

In any event. Her friend Livi is Flash. Joshua is Superman. MacKenzie is Spiderman. (I ignore the fact that they are mixing their universes… I mean… they’re three… they don’t know the scale of the faux pas they are committing). Most importantly my daughter is Batman. Which, makes me very proud.. and also very relieved. (Since I’m not really a DC fan, except for Batman). She gravitated towards this persona without my influence… or indeed any real knowledge of the subject matter.

This weekend I decided that needed to change…

Joey picks up his copy of The Killing Joke..

Or do we go with ‘A death in the family?’… or ‘Hush’. Decisions… decisions.

My wife eyes me wearily.

*Jo puts down the comics*

In the end we watched the first three episodes of Batman Beyond on my iPad. Yes… I realize this is… *sigh* not the greatest place to start. But… I needed to work with what I had available.

Interestingly when we were playing later in the day she evoked the concept of ‘Batman camouflage’, which apparently meant I couldn’t see her. But now I’m conflicted, because stealth Batman is a very much a Terry McGinnis thing and not a Bruce Wayne thing… have I messed it up? Can I go back to original Batman now? Will she appreciate low-tech-bats? Why is this parenting stuff so hard?


  1. Michelle Louring

    October 29, 2019 at 10:13 am

    Why are you subjecting the poor girl to the dark side of geek culture already…?
    Let her have fun 😛 She will have to listen to plenty of guys whining about not sticking to the source material later on.

    1. Jo

      October 30, 2019 at 6:50 am

      Ha ha. Don’t worry, I’m not that puritan when it comes to comics. D&D on the other hand!!! 😀

      Actually can’t wait to DM for my daughter and her friends.

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