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Fundamental Joeyism


I like most things.

Except you know… broccoli, trophy-hunters… and trans athletes.

To be completely honest I don’t get really ‘get’ professional athleticism or even sports really. I entered a Jujitsu competition once and I broke my foot really badly (compound fracture where the bone was sticking out through the top of my foot)*

*what makes it even worse is that I don’t know how I managed to do this, I went in for a single leg take down, my opponent sprawled on me, it turned into a bit of scramble but we both stood up again, when I looked down, my foot was all mangled and bent and bloody).

So I don’t really have a good counter to ‘Well you’re clearly bad at sports, no wonder you don’t like to compete’. Which… might, be true. Usually I just claim to have transcended the need to prove myself. OR that my self-esteem is wrapped up in the consumption of Xanax… not some silly finishing podium.

In any event none of this shakes my foundational belief that trans-athletes suck.

I should point out that my ire is reserved for people that have transitioned and not at all for athletes (like Caster Semenya) who are born with certain advantages over their peers. That’s a different kettle of fish entirely and one where I’m not entirely sure where I should be standing (I’ve heard good, solid arguments on both sides) and so because I am unable to make up my mind I generally default to my ‘sports is dumb’ routine when pushed on this.

Men that have transitioned to women and then annihilated the other female competition in power lifting for example, is just so completely insane to me that my mind actually struggles to bend that far round. For me this is on the sphere of madness as flat-earthism and holocaust denial.

So, no, I don’t think South Park has sunk to new lows. This concept that trans-athletes that should be competing against biological females deserve to be ridiculed and mocked.

I refuse to believe this is a mainstream idea. We’ve just become so weary of calling out some of this woke bullshit that we’ve started to let some stuff slide.

Lets be honest. If someone was really into equality of outcomes there shouldn’t be any competition. Everyone should get a medal at the Olympics. After all we’re all winners… in our own special way. Especially me, obviously. I should get two medals.