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the grinch

I can’t decide if I agree with this tweet or not. In which may lie its brilliance. Or perhaps it just reveals my own stupidity (more likely)… since I’ve been mulling over this communique for more time now than one should likely devote to something like this…

I mean he redistributed the presents that he stole from the Whos to himself. Which… I suppose… is kinda the way communism works. Although, I think his original plan, as I recall, was to destroy the presents. Which smacks more of anarchism than any other -ism. Hmm… although the Grinch did have a dog called Max. Which is one letter shy of Marx. (I’m starting to interject conspiracy into my musings)

Also, as a testament to world we live in, I have no idea if this tweet is meant to be satirical or not. Without looking up the author and considering her other tweets, which, truth be told, I can’t be bothered to do. I mean I would guess sardonicism if pushed… but these days, who knows.

She doesn’t use capitals though. Thats generally a bad sign. I am a big fan of capitals. Reykjavik and Prague are my favorites.

If only my brain wasn’t two sizes too small…



  1. tara caribou


    I’m going to just assume at this point that this post would make a hell of a lot more sense if I had actually read the book or seen the eh cartoon or movie. Considering I’m not a fan of Dr Seuss…. I guess I’ll never know.

    1. Jo


      Thats okay. We can still be friends. I mean we’ve taking a hit… but I think we’re okay

      1. tara caribou


        Are we basically “frenemies” by now, Jo?? 😆

      2. Jo


        Um… I’m not sure I’m ready for THAT level of commitment. I mean eventually sure… I can see us getting there… its not you… its me. 😀

      3. tara caribou


        lmao – okay, okay…. I won’t keep pushing you. We’ll take it nice and slow.

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