Go Darke

Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it



The left wants to turn the world in to authoritarian socialist hellhole. And the right wants a moralistic theocracy.

To be fair… I could probably live in either. Because… well… I mostly live in my head anyway. Its nice here. Three hundred days of sunshine and everyone who disagrees with me has loooooong since taken a Pinochet-helicopter ride to the sound track of some Wagner-eqsue operatic score. Although now that I think about it, maybe Flight of the Bumblebee would be more idiosyncratic (for background music playing in Joey’s mind while he’s purging dissenters and mixing his metaphors I mean)

I’m slipping into political apathy. I’ve even done a purge of libertarian twitterati this morning. Because well… I can’t actually take the constant mewling anymore. Its exhausting and awful and adds zero value to my life. Its the political ideology with the absolute worst paragons.

My twitter feed should just be animals (preferably dogs) doing cool anthropomorphic ‘bro’ stuff. And maybe the occasional human, you know, acting like a human and doing something nice for someone (or something) else. That would be grand.

Of course tomorrow might be different and might see me donning my colander-helmet, remounting my hobby-horse and cantering once more into the fray. Spatula held high in a manner that might suggest a good smiting is close at hand.

Prepare to be smitten. Which… is actually past participle of smite. (I looked it up) If nothing else, I learnt something new today. Eh… learned something new? Jesus why is English so complicated?


  1. saynotoclowns


    That is funny…the whole, English is complicated, has come up in a few conversations lately…
    hmmm I promise that isn’t the only thing I got from this post 🙂

    1. Jo


      Ha ha. Jolly good. Cup of tea then?

      1. saynotoclowns


        Why, yes! I would love a cup of tea! Tea fixes everything. But not my bad grammar.

        (oh for something random, last night at our community carols by candlelight, one of the performers was a South African. She had a gorgeous singing voice. Also an address was given by a local minister who is retiring, he was also originally from South Africa. He grew up as a communist Hindu under apartheid, but said it was through a conversation with a very kind white man he started his journey to christianity, very interesting. So of course, I am assuming you know them. I mean, whenever I go to the US this happens to me lol… “hey I met this dude from Sydney…would you know him, I think his first name was Paul but yeah, I can’t remember exactly…”)

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