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Fundamental Joeyism

Rain, rain…

Joey trying to get into work this morning…

I jest. But after seven days of rain this what the roads in Johannesburg feel like. We are entirely ungeared for an entrenched weather system that isn’t warm and sunny.

I say rain, but someone in the Northern hemisphere might look at me askance that I’m referring to the general dampness and occasional drizzle as actual rain.

Wadda ya talking ’bout? Thass is a day all the Scots go ta tha beach ’cause tha weathers sooo goood.

Which is a fair point. But you guys have got roads that aren’t held together with Elmers and sawdust. Also you haven’t got nationwide rolling blackouts because the ‘coal got wet’. I’m also running out of clean clothes because no one really owns a dryer here. Trust me when I say, I am totally winning on the misery index right now.

Also… the informal settlement, near to where I have my warehouse decided yesterday was a good day to take hundreds of porta-toilets and tires… and boulders out on the main road and then set them on fire. Because… well… they are angry. (and also proving that if you can burn stuff… its not really raining). But you know, mobs and rocks and burning feces, it doesn’t really make for a really zen work environment.

I tried to cheer myself up with a Christmas mix on Spotify this morning as I cradled my coffee and chocolate chip muffin and navigated the buoys of the Waterworld. The Kevin Costner original… as opposed to the amusement park. I made it through Jingle Bell rock and Rocking around the Christmas tree before I couldn’t take it anymore and switched over to my staple of angry German industrial. I use the term ‘angry’ quite loosely… because… you know… they could just be singing normally.

Packing up the dogs and driving to Cape Town on Friday for a month. Can’t wait. I’m done with Jo’burg and its eternal bullshit. Not that Cape Town doesn’t have its own particular brand of stupidity and madness. But it is prettier. Which counts for something.


  1. Michelle Louring


    Sunday we had so much rain I couldn’t see where I was driving.
    The wind blew me into a hedge yesterday.
    This morning I had to scrape ice off my windshield.

    Can’t we all just agree that we’re ready to move on to spring?

    1. Jo


      No! You guys need to suffer for your awesome first world lives. Its Karmic.

      1. Michelle Louring


        I thought our first world lives were our reward for behaving and not starting any wars for more than a century.

        (I’m convinced we have hit the statute of limitations for all the viking era stuff…)

      2. Jo


        That… eh… may actually be true. You guys have been pretty good lately.

        Carry on…

  2. saynotoclowns


    So you’re going for a holiday?

    1. Jo


      Yup. Well… kinda. Its sorta like a second home. But its a holiday I guess, in a sense, that its an escape from my work life. Which sucks.

      South Southern Hemisphere peeps need our Christmas summer break…

      1. saynotoclowns


        Oh I am sorry your work life sucks. But I am glad you are going on a break. I agree…I love summer Christmas breaks. Growing up we spent the whole of January at the beach.

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