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An entertaining Enterprise

I always assumed that the reason there was a NASA shuttle named the ‘Enterprise’ and that there was a Star Trek tv show version of the ‘Enterprise’ was just some sort of weird coincidence.

Turns out that after NASA received several letters from fans the shuttle that was going to be named the ‘Constitution’ underwent a name change and was christened the Enterprise in honor of the (now iconic) starship.

They invited the entire cast to the launch… except weirdly William Shatner… who was suspiciously absent from the unveiling… probably because he was having sex with Swedish twins in a nearby hanger. In my mind William Shatner, James Tiberius Kirk and Denny Crane are the same character. I would totally invite him to my fantasy dinner party.



  1. jim-


    NASA could’ve capitalized on this and funded the entire program using names like Romulan Warbird, Enterprice, Galáctica, Borg Cube, etc.

    1. Jo


      Or… they could have the public decide names… and they would have ended up with a shuttle called ‘Boaty McBoat-face’… although… that sounds somehow uniquely British… I’m not sure what the American equivalent would be.

      1. Over Soil


        Well, I’m really unique and British, so here’s six daft shuttle names I’ve came up with before breakfast: “Spikewaite O’Shippy” ~~ “Locketdown Liferafter Lil” ~~ “Whiplash Worthington Willy” ~~ “Tinton Tess” ~~ “The Mc’Futterbottom Fluffy Flier” (they would have to have a pair of pick fluffy dice in the window though) or you might just wanna call it “Haulholdenson” if I were you.

      2. Jo


        Ha ha! These are great. British people have a natural aptitude for this sort of thing. Less good at being European… ha ha ha… but thats another story… 😀

  2. Clever Girl


    I’m curious to know why Shatner wasn’t there now, seeing as how he was the star of the show (arguably).

    1. Jo


      I’ve tired to research it… in so far as I googled it for a ten minutes… and not even reddit knows. Although there does seem to be a theory that he was on a movie shoot somewhere where it would have been inconvenient to have gone to NASA for the unveiling. I prefer to think he was in jail. (for solicitation).

      1. Clever Girl


        haha… possibly in jail, huh? Who knew he was such a rebel!

  3. tara caribou


    William Shatner is actually really quite awesome. Just read his tweets. ohmygod…

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