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Erratic Erudition

Scarf pins

JP Morgan once told an acquaintance (who was a Jeweler) that he was in the market for a pearl scarf pin (as one does). The jeweler several weeks later came across a superb pearl and crafted it into a magnificent scarf pin. On completion he sent the scarf pin to JP Morgan together with an invoice for $5000.

The next day the Jeweler received the box back along with a letter explaining that while he loved the scarf pin he did not like the price. Enclosed was a check made out for $4000. The note said that if the jeweler accepted the new price he was to return the sealed box unopened to JP Morgan.

The Jeweler was not impressed. And decided to decline JP Morgan offer of $4000. On opening the box to retrieve his merchandise he found instead of the pin a check made out for $5000.


  1. westcoastwoman


    So many levels of lessons in this one……thanks for the story and safe travels when you head back home.

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