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Fundamental Joeyism, Holiday

The lamentations of the unreachable.

I haven’t had a phone for… *counts on his fingers* eh… ten days now. (almost ran out of fingers there) After the five stages of grief…. eh… six stages of grief… (now many are there again?) let’s just say there was grief involved. My phone’s firmware committed suicide and refused (despite everything I tried) to come back from the brink. Initially I was quite bummed out, because this was three hours into a fourteen hour road trip. And then hostile because everything I tried didn’t work. And then I decided after a couple of days that being absolutely unreachable was… actually… amazing. (For the purpose of this post I’ve skipped like three stages… assume they happened and that real tears were shed)

So weirdly the thing I missed the most was… *drum rolls please*… the alarm clock feature. I’ve been sleeping in. Sometimes until 6am. Its really been messing with my… je ne sais quo. Not priming my day right means my productivity is way down. And I mean waaaaaaaaay down. Diving straight into that violent melee that is child raising when you wake up is… well its tough. Let’s go with that. I’m one of those people that need to ease themselves in gently… like getting into an ice-bath (thats a good analogy right?) and that means getting some solid me-time in before the chaos erupts (or wakes up).

In any event, today I put the bit between my teeth and drove to the i-Store in Cape Town. You know how in the ‘Hell is other people’. Cape Town in December… well… Dantes elevator doesn’t go down far enough for that particular layer cake of hurt.

It was a nice day though, in case you’re wondering. I snapped off the obligatory mountain shot while I sprinted into and then out of the V&A i-Store in record time. Delayed only by the guy in front of me who was buying TWO i-phone xi’s ‘for his nieces for Christmas’. I felt weirdly ill disposed towards him, despite not really knowing anything about him. Things I will tell myself I will work on in the new year..

Since we were there we did some touristy stuff with the progenies. And partook in a very decent breakfast. (it hurts me to give Cape Town kudos for anything)

I am now back in (relative) seclusion and safety… and facing the daunting rigmarole of having to set up a new phone from scratch. I must be honest, I really don’t want to. It’s been really nice being uncontactable. No urgent work crises (the plural is intended)… no drunken employees phoning me at 3am in the morning crying that they’ve blown their wages and they are broke (this happens without fail every year) and can I please transfer them some money. No notifications. No mindlessly checking my phone. No anything.

Maybe I’ll leave it until the new year… avoid real life for a bit longer.


  1. erroneouschoices


    I rarely use my phone and leave it home or other places 🤔 maybe intentionally. 😬 but the constant availability with countless texts and calls gives this already anxiety filled girl….even more!
    Enjoy while it lasts!

    1. Jo


      I know! Every time I call you it goes to voice mail. It’s like impossible to have a long distance relationship with you. Seriously how did the other boys cope with your Luddite relationship with communication technology?

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