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Basset hound ownership

Someone sent this to my wife. It’s basically the most honest thing I’ve ever read…

How to prepare yourself for owning a Basset Hound…

  1. Get a concrete block, put a collar and lead on it and take it for a drag.
  2. Find a bag of sand and leave it in awkward places around your home (in hallways, in front of any drawer you want to open etc)
  3. Buy an air horn and set it off without warning at random times, day or night.
  4. Place a photo of a basset 18 inches off the ground in front of you while you watch tv.
  5. Get 2 hot water bottles, wrap them in a heavy blanket (with the concrete block) and then lay it over your lap.
  6. Go to the local hair dressers and get a bag of hair, take it home and chuck it round the house.
  7. Ask a friend who has dogs to give you some wet dog drying towels and then leave them in your house for about a week.

If you can survive all of this you are ready for Basset hound ownership


  1. crustytuna


    Hahahaha..Is it true these lovely, soulful creatures have their own hound-ish aroma? I do love the lazing…

    1. Jo


      They are, in my humble opinion, the most houndish of the hounds. They are, despite their short comings (see what I did there) the most awesome of dogs. 😀

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