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Furry nice.

We don’t mind bathing the Basset hound. He’s easy. The GSD however is a 40kg sponge… who is… eh… ‘resistant’ to the concept of being cleaned. The effort to time/money ratio of this equation favors us outsourcing this particular aspect of dog ownership.

I also like supporting entrepreneurs. Enter Sonja, who will come to your house and wrangle your German Shepherd into the bathtub…

And then blow dry them…

The end result is a sweet smelling albeit incredibly fluffy creature. Everyone wins.

Except the basset hound, who slept through the entire procedure.

And then got very angry afterwards when he’d realized there had been interlopers (of a sort) in his garden.

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  1. tara caribou


    This gave me the giggles. 😍

    1. saynotoclowns


      hehehe me too.
      Oh my gosh, those photos are priceless

      1. tara caribou


        Yes!! πŸ˜πŸ’•

      2. saynotoclowns


        And all that fur flying lol.

      3. tara caribou


        The fluffy GSD was perhaps my fav lol

      4. saynotoclowns


        haha me too!!

  2. Clever Girl


    Haha… Adorbs! Never seen such a fluffy German Shepherd

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