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Fundamental Joeyism


I had to go to the post office today. Which is generally an experience I try to avoid. Similarly to the way that I try and avoid hepatitis. South African post offices are especially grim, dystopian establishments, staffed by the walking dead and/or the Dementors of Azkaban. It is however interesting to wager what you’re going to get once you finally get to the six inches of bullet proof glass that separates these cubicle-denizens from the real world. The service experience is markedly different, as you can probably imagine.

A year ago (I don’t mean this in the vague passage of time sense, an actual year has passed) we sent a package. Under normal circumstances we would have used DHL or UPS… only for some reason someone in my company decided to load all the chambers and spun the chaos dial to see what would happen. Enter stage left the South African Post Office.

We had supplied a whole bunch of drivers for an LED lighting project. Even though the contractor had wired the whole thing incorrectly, which had blown the drivers, there were recriminations about who was actually at fault. And so I had to send some of the drivers to Italy to be tested, so that idiocy could indeed be check boxed on the official report.

These drivers have an a emergency lighting component which contained a battery which the post office decided they didn’t want to ship because of some sort of nebulous safety concern. (A concern not shared by UPS). Our package was dutifully returned to us several days later. Today I got a mail to say I could collect my refund, in cash… because the horse drawn carriage carrying their new commodore 64’s broke down…. or something and they couldn’t do a transfer.

Standing in the queue I perused the prohibited goods poster. (no where I might add does it say anything about batteries).

In any event…

How often does it happen that people try to send leeches in the post that they have to specifically mention leeches? I worry about my countrymen sometimes.

More than usual I mean. (there is always that vague sense that they don’t really know whats going on). Sometimes that feeling is just more prevalent and in your face



  1. jim-


    The leech rule is because of that one time, probably 50 years ago…

    1. Jo


      Turns out they are still widely used in traditional medicine.

      And prone to only certain environments. Ergo, they require shipment to reach their intended market.

      Who knew.

  2. crustytuna


    I, for one, would like to know who is *ordering* the leeches, and how he or she might have found out that someone from South Africa could procure them.

    1. Jo


      In all honesty… I don’t think we even have leeches in South Africa… well… I’m sure there must be some… somewhere… maybe. But certainly I have never seen any. Leeches are swamp dwelling creatures… or in the very least boggy water logged places… of which we have very few.

      *Jo spends some time on google*

      Okay, apparently we do have some areas with leeches. Which are used in… various ‘traditional’ forms of… whats the word I’m looking for… healing maybe. I think traditional healer is now actually the PC term… as opposed to witch doctor.

      Anyways, I suppose leeches could be therefore be more in demand that I might have originally considered with my western bias.

      I stand corrected.

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