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Poking at it with a stick

Truth be told I am fascinated by the world at the moment. Everyone is so fantastically mad. Except me, obviously. I’m totally sane and completely fine. And not the acronym version of fine. Actual real-life fine-ness. The rest of y’all are completely bonkers though. *points at the screen to underscore emphasis in his soliloquy* (After five attempts at soliloquy I eventually had to right click it)

*slurps his coffee*

The toilet paper thing is wonderful. From a consumer psychology point of view. (my major). I imagine scientists get the same sort of thrill watching something grow in a petri-dish. I mean its not only toilet paper. But TP is the most interesting.

I read something last night where it was supposed that we (humans) gain a degree of psychological comfort knowing that no matter how bad things get, at least we know we’ve got that particular ablution angle covered. At least for a short period of time. And I suppose there is some schadenfreude in knowing that someone out there might be having to take the Daily Mirror (or some other garbage broadsheet) to their delicate private parts while you revel in the guilty pleasure of triple ply…

I’m not entirely convinced by this argument. I mean it might be part of whats happening… maybe.

Panic buying is such a fantastically reptilian response. Something deeply primal, buried in our core, that despite our best efforts, is (apparently) difficult to overcome.

I am obviously not immune. I panic bought… eh… Nutella. And Coffee beans. Which are the fundamental lubricants in Joeys life. Consumables without which life has less meaning. And by anxiety fueled consumerism I actually mean, one extra jar and one over sized vacuum sealed bag. (I felt the desperate need to participate and be cool… even if it was only tokenism)

On the flip side of the coin. Panic selling. Wow. The markets have just gone… *makes a whistling sound, followed crashing his hand into the desk, before flopping around for a bit, falling off the edge of the desk and smashing into the ground*

My investments have been seriously gutted. *shrugs* I’m not really bummed out about that though. It is what it is. And truth be told, a crash of this magnitude represents enormous possibility which makes me… well, optimistically neutral. Lets go with that.

Obviously if it does turn out to be the end of the world I’ll go back and edit this post to say, its the end of the world! That way I can be all smug and be all like ‘I told you so’. You should always listen to Joey. He is wise beyond his years.


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  1. The Pink Agendist


    I don’t panic buy, but I do enjoy having stuff that I know other people would like to have. And to get it quickly and to not share.

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