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Net positive

My D&D group is trying organize Friday night gaming via Discord. Despite all living within 10 minutes of each other. We’ve decided Dungeons and Dragons might be a bit of a stretch and should maybe go with something less board intensive (and board vital I suppose) like Cthulhu. But in all honesty, that about the extent of my inconvenience (at the moment).

Take us Great Cthulhu… take us now…

Living in lock-down so far, feels quite manageable. To be fair I have quite a lot things in the plus column. I live on 1.5 acres, the weather is nice, pool is still warm, I have a fiber… what else does a person need? Also I quite like my wife, kids and dogs, so spending time with them doesn’t feel like chore.

If I lived in a tiny apartment I might feel differently about it all… so I appreciate that I am incredibly fortunate. And yes, I am sorta bragging about how easy quarantine is for me, especially as an introvert. If you swing the other way (socially I mean) and you’re freaking out… actually I have no idea… I recommend Xanax (or any other benzodiazepine)… if you can find any.

In all seriousness though I have trimmed down my twitter feed dramatically (with a machete). If you’re on the apocalypse band-wagon, you’re getting cut. Really tired of everyone wargaming and then broadcasting their scenario planning out into the void. Who knew we had so many experts among us?

I’ve also been thinking about what I can do that’s positive for my society. I mean there’s a lot of lip service stuff going about at the moment about checking in on the elderly people, playing your musical instrument on your balcony. But none of that feels… truly profound. I guess the little things stack up. I suppose at a minimum we should all just behave ourselves and stick to the guidelines, so we can get through to the other-side of this. Assuming the other-side(tm) actually exists. So if anyone has any clever suggestions about net positive gain stuff that can be done while social distancing I’d love to hear from you. (y’all are MUCH smarter than me)

In the mean time…



  1. Michelle Louring


    D&D is getting cancelled left and right for me as well, but I have had good experience with running groups through Discord and Roll20 in the past.

    1. Jo


      Did it work well? I’m a little weary. I mean I suppose you can get used to anything.

      On the plus side… we will eat less crap. And fart less.

      1. Michelle Louring


        It worked really well, but I was not the GM, so I’m not sure how easy it is to set everything up.
        But once it’s set up, it actually works even better than meeting in person, since you have all stats and rolls registered in the system

      2. Jo


        I see we have now decided on roll20.net and discord. Just need to set up a server. Quite excited now

      3. Michelle Louring


        I hope you have fun!
        (And I’m not at all jealous or anything, since I don’t have any online campaigns at the moment…)

  2. tara caribou


    Suddenly… I want to watch The Great Escape…

    1. Jo


      Such a great movie. I also have a hankering to watch it now having searched for the gif

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