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Fundamental Joeyism

Leaving on a Jet-plane…

Air traffic over Southern Africa (day 1 of lockdown) right now…


Rest of the world.

Not sure y’all are taking this as seriously as you probably should…



  1. jim-


    I haven’t heard a plane for a few days. My mother in law got the last flight out of Panama to the US (so I was told) but I haven’t verified that. I think a pause like this is wonderful in a way.

    1. Jo


      I think its great. Personally I think we should lock down the world every six months for a month.

      Unless of course you live in a tiny apartment. Then I suppose being locked down is awful.

  2. SnapDragon X.


    Stay safe, friend. 🕊

  3. crustytuna


    This air traffic is infuriating. Sigh.

    1. Jo


      It’s awful. Humanity is buggered. Unless of course it isn’t in which case I always knew we’d be fine

      1. crustytuna


        We might be buggered, but like cockroaches, we will rise again, and never learn…

      2. Jo


        Ha ha. True. We are a phenomenally resilient species. I’ve wondering lately what living through the Cuban missile crisis would have been like in the age of social media and fake news. That was an infinitely more scary time for the species because that really could have been game over. Covid so far just seems to be underscoring that a large part of the worlds population are selfish dicks.

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