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Fundamental Joeyism

Short laps

A lot of people are running in odd places. Being locked down and confined, people run their rooftops and balconies now and clock some impressive distances along the way.

I’ve been slack since going into isolation. In fact I’ve become somewhat regressive. Yesterday my dietary prerogative was smashing my face with a box of Tim Tams, a slab of chocolate and an entire bag of potato chips all while I wasted my time sad playing video games. It was an all round disgusting affair and I hated on myself afterwards.

This morning I decided enough was enough and I was up early and running my driveway.

I must admit I was super skeptical that it would hold my attention. According to my watch a lap from my gate to my workshop and back again is 60mtrs. A one mile run would be about 26 laps. That’s… a lot of monotony.

It turned out to be quite enjoyable. I should probably mention that both dogs sat under the eave and watched their owner with serious concern. (probably thinking I’d finally fallen off the deep end)

I fell into the zone quite quickly though and before I knew it twenty minutes had passed. I was going to make it a solid 30… but it started to rain. Under normal circumstances I quite like running in the rain, especially when it catches you on the way home… today I just stopped my watch and went inside.

I’m chalking it up as a win.

Now I’m sitting in my study… avoiding the burgeoning pile of paper work on my desk that threatens to… well… topple over I guess, if I don’t do something about it soon.

I have company though.

… of the snoring variety.

I imagined lockdown being the ultimate opportunity to catch up on my admin. So far I seem to be evenly distributing my time between obsessively checking the latest casualty statistics, vegetatively main-lining youtube or losing at video games… in the two hours of daily free time I get allotted I mean… the rest of time I’m knee deep in progeny’s and wrangling the demented fruit of my loins.

Kids are hard work. Who knew? Certainly not me. I was all like hey-ho-lets-go.

When I was their age Ronald Reagan was defeating the communists and everything was awesome. I certainly never experienced the vocabulary of lockdowns and corona virus. They seem to be taking it in their stride though. I wonder if this is really is that watershed moment where everything will be different after and that every generation from here on out will just have it… (for lack of a better word) harder.

Certainly the music will never get better.

I’ve got that one covered at least. This morning we jammed to Jeff Beck, Toad the Wet Sprocket and Nirvana.

That’s something at least.


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