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*exhales through clenched teeth*

I mean… I probably would have had a word with Anne Frank first. ‘Listen can you maybe be less… you know… “Jewish”. I don’t want to have to report you… but if you carry on with your whole chosen race speil I’m going to call the Gestapo hotline’.

And Harriet Tubman… she was heavily armed and clearly violating the laws of the land with her escapee shenanigans, tramping cross country and rough sleeping on private property.

In all seriousness though, I have no idea how I feel about this. Are we really comparing apples with apples?

My libertarian go-to is to mind my own business… I hate the way the only way we can think to combat this whole pandemic is through authoritarian top down means. Can’t we all just decide to be responsible and take reasonable precautions? That would solve everything right? Right?

Apparently we need to be told how to behave in a manner befitting a ‘mensch’… these things don’t necessarily come naturally to everyone. (I exclude myself from those bereft of this quality because CLEARLY I am a paragon in this regard)

I often find myself musing (usually in the bath or on the toilet) that civilization is a myth and its only the fear of consequences meted out by our elected peers that keeps us vaguely in line.

Having said that I have no idea how you fight a global pandemic effectively without authoritarianism.

My baser reptilian instinct thinks we should just let the chips fall as they may. As long as, you know, I’m not personally affected by the virus. Y’all can die… but as long as I’m fine, any death toll is acceptable collateral.

If I am a victim of said virus, I’d like you to everything in your power to save me. If that means curtailing the civil liberties of everyone on the planet, so be it.

So I kinda need the government (that I hate) to be amazingly effective and save the day. Or you know… bungle almost everything, muddle through and then claim victory.

I’m wandering off piste.

I don’t really want to snitch on anyone. So if I see you violating quarantine… I’ll likely look the other way. I’ll be angry about it though. On the inside.

I’ll probably write an angry blog post about it later though. And fantasize about kicking you in the face.



  1. jim-


    Does it concern you at all how obedient everyone is being? A little risk and living the life you want is better than this.

    1. Jo


      I’m German so I feel I know how easily people are kowtowed into behavior that shouldn’t be ‘normal’. Also group psychology is fascinating to me. We just want to abdicate responsibility to others… it’s a great coping mechanism. I mean that’s sorta the way religion works right? Mass subservience?

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