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Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it

Fundamental Joeyism


Things I have learned recently…

  1. You REALLY are just a number in a calculation. A calculation that the government uses to weigh up how many of its citizens might die versus how much the economy might suffer before they decide on a course of action.
  2. The WHO is run by a bunch of Muppets. Not even cool Muppets… like that gang that hang out on Sesame Street and live in trash cans (well some of them). More in the British sense of the word.
  3. Donald Trump has massive self esteem issues. A lot of people like to portray him as evil or insane. I’ve always been inclined to believe he’s deeply insecure. These daily briefings are like a window into his soul. I think he knows how hugely unsuited he is for the role that he is playing and that he can’t bluster his way through this.
  4. Having said that, all the toads and sycophants that are drawn to him like moths to a flame might actually be evil. (which is tough for me to reconcile because I don’t really believe in good and evil) Some are worse than others though. Jeepers.
  5. ‘Western style’ Democracy is terrible for making long term plans. Adding two trillion dollars to the already mind boggling deficient… no problem, we’ll make it someone else’s problem down the road when we are no longer in office. And one day it will be a very serious problem and our kids (or maybe our kids kids) will despair at how out of hand it all got. The amount of countries running a deficit of 100% (or more) of GDP will just grow even more now.

Things I quite like about the pandemic…

  1. You get to wear a mask. And no one looks at you funny. Suddenly you can be a ghost. Fuck facial recognition.
  2. People give you space. Well… more space than usual. There is some reticence to push passed you or reach over you get something off the shelf at the supermarket.
  3. Its nice and quiet.

Things I miss…

  1. Being able to go to the hardware store. Being deemed non-essential this has been tough. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the workshop and in the garden and there are some things I desperately need now. I’ve sorta reached my limit of things I am able to jury-rig without proper parts.
  2. Our Nanny! Being able to just off load your kids on someone and having some time to just lie on the couch for an hour and stare vacantly off into space and worry about how stuffed the world is going to be when we get out of this. (Or you know, it could all be fine… maybe)
  3. Walking the dogs. Our lockdown rules here are more draconian than in other places on planet earth. ‘The dog shall not be walked’, to quote our usually pusillanimous Police Minister. Cracking down on your citizenry is way easier than cracking down on crime. Probably because your citizens don’t shoot back.

Things I will do differently next pandemic…

  1. Not immediately go to the fridge and start eating for two weeks.

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