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Fundamental Joeyism

A helpful feller

I’ve been stuck down with pestilence. Although not the pestilence of the moment. And really, it only lasted… thirty six… okay, maybe twenty four hours. (maybe even less) I’m trying to draw things out for dramatic effect. Also if may have just been something questionable I ate at the back of the refrigerator. My snuffling for edibles has been… eh… particularly voracious lately.

An ‘Oh geez’ is about all the sympathy my wife can muster. She was sleeping in the other room with the one year old. Whose molars are coming out and has tonsillitis. Typically this would manifest itself over the easter weekend when the only real care available was the ER. Which we were incredibly reticent to do, because hospitals, anecdotally perhaps, feel like somewhere you could pick up something worse. Unable to break the fever we eventually had to hit up our non-usual medical service provider.

In any event, I am on the bottom rung of sympathy. Apparently I’m old enough to look after myself. Which is an awful milestone to reach in ones life.

Basically this all translate into me moping around and being miserable and grouchy for an entire day.

Of course now I have to call into question my ability to endure suffering, which I’m sure as I’ve gotten older and more coddled, has become somehow diminished.

It did get me out of having to help my old man chop down a giant dead tree in his garden. Well… it delayed the inevitable, because I just ended up helping him today. My dad is a maniac with a chainsaw and this is always one one of my least favorite activities. He’s nearing eighty, refuses to wear hearing or eye protection, refuses to let anyone else do any chopping. Two years ago he sawed into his leg (yes, with a chainsaw) just above his knee. He decided he didn’t want to go to the Emergency room. It was only several days later, when it started to look really nasty that he decided, ‘okay maybe I should go have this looked at and stitched up’.

My job is mostly to hold the ladder while he does acrobatic maneuvers above me with the Stihl and I contemplate death by being crushed to death by the falling boughs of something deciduous. In this case the apple really did land far away from the tree. I share very few enthusiasms with my parental units. But in this case I am a helpful feller.



  1. Michelle Louring


    Jo: *Whining because of an upset stomach*
    Jo’s father: “Why would I go to the ER just because I took a chainsaw to the knee…?”

    1. Jo


      That is…. quite an apt summery actually. Ha ha. I didn’t get any of his German or Danish-ness.

  2. jim-


    We’re going to start a “save Joey” campaign (all the while Joey re-enacts Ferris Bueller day) I’m not so easily tricked by you licking your hands.

    1. Jo


      Generational joke there that the kids won’t understand. Ha ha. Ferris Buellers day off was one of the greatest movies ever made.

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