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Going digital

‘Do you think we will ever meet up in real life again?’ I muse into my Zoom window.

They both seem confident.

I’ve known these guys since the first grade… so… *counts on his fingers* eh… thirty five years now. We are all avid boardgamers and roleplaying nerds. In olden times (pre-pandemic) we would usually meet up once a week to play through something (and maybe smoke something and drink something… although those activities were always ancillary to the rolling of dice and pretend looting the corpses of our vanquished foes)

The novel corona has scuttled all attempts to play D&D, Cthulhu and any table top games. And so, we have moved our fetishism online.

Its not quite the same. Although there is no fart smell… which I guess is one benefit, that and I can’t be accused of breaking anyones furniture… something I have, over the years, developed a reputation for…

In any event, so far these are the board games we’ve found that you can play online more easily and then have Zoom windowed off to one side for smack talk, pelvic thrusting and victory lap maneuvers (in the gloom).

Twilight Struggle

I find this game really hard. And likely one of the more cerebral games I attempt. It doesn’t suit my personality type at all. Ha! I mean there are probably more cognitive demanding games out there… but… yeah, playing this against someone who is smarter than your average garden variety loam, for me at least, is quite challenging. Its one of those games that, one day, I’d like to not suck at. (this is also one of the few games I’ve rage-quit)

Through the ages

In real-life this is the ultimate friendship ending game. It can be brutal. The online version is a little better… because… well its moves faster. There is nothing as soul destroying as playing this game for six hours on a table top and then having one of your (so-called) mates casually smash you into the ground and then stomp on your face for good measure. Its even worse if you play it as a asynchronous multi day game… which… *cough* we used to do at work sometimes. Playing online with zoom at a game length of maybe two hours at the top end feels fine. And less likely to result in burning down someones house.


Scythe is probably the game I’m worst at. Its a personal blind spot and I struggle to interpret the visual… ‘interconnectedness’ of the board and the pieces. That and I generally struggle with ‘perfect information’ and opportunity cost games. My friends however do not share my… hangup. And so I regularly get crushed at this. The ‘port’ to the digital version of this game is quite good though I must be honest. It looks and feels like the tabletop version. I’m still not entirely sure if I like this game or not. Which puts me in a tiny, tiny minority because generally speaking this game is revered in the boardgaming community.

Terraforming Mars

On the flipside Terraforming Mars is one of my favorite boardgames. I love everything about it. The science flavor and the astronomy aspect really appeal to me. Its also one of those games that just clicks perfectly into my brain Lego and I’m difficult to beat. I’ve won every single game of this… since… well… its been a really long time since I’ve tasted anything else but the sweet taste of Martian airborne silt… and also victory.

This week we will probably work our way though the digital versions of Tokaido and Lords of Waterdeep.

Steam loves us at the moment.


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