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Tea cozies

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea-cozy, doesn’t try it on.

Billy Connolly

Having sired girl children I often wonder about the advice I would dispense to them if they decided to date men one day.

This might be near the top of one of those imagined lists.

I have a friend who married one of those Banker/CPA types. She’s miserable. I feel if she’d put him through the tea-cozy filter test things might have worked out better for her. Although him cheating on her while they were dating was perhaps a clearer indication that this was not the man you should allow back near any of your erogenous zones once he’s taken the beef-bus on tour. Also he is boring AF.

Hm. I should be careful what I say about CPA’s since I married one. She has an owl beanie that looks very much like a tea-cozy. I have no idea what it means if the girl wears it..



  1. SnapDragon X.


    “Beef-bus on tour” is now my new favorite saying. 😂

    1. Jo


      Ha ha. I’m glad. Seemingly benign but ultimately disturbing metaphors are my thing. That and being able to flip pancakes.

      Its not much. But its something.

      1. SnapDragon X.


        Haha. No doubt! 👏🏻

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