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The high cost of exploits

For some lockdown has just been a never-ending slew of bad decisions. People ate more, smoked more, drank more… exercised less. My bad decision was that I started playing Hearthstone again. (Okay, I might have done all those other things as well)

I can’t remember what I paid for the new expansion, €69.99 maybe? In any event, I should have rather taken that money and burned it. The brief flickering of joy as the C6H10O and trace amounts aluminum chloride flared out of existence would have provided me with more utility than this rage inducing financial death spiral of a game.

I did screenshot this though. At some point (if you’re playing the story line) you go up against… I want to say a ‘zombie-banker’… in any event, I liked the little quote on the bottom of her card.

exploit your finances, won’t finance your exploits

It made me smile. ‘God(s) how true is this’, I mused to myself. Moments later the game would tempt me to frizbee my iPad across the room (and into a wall) and so this moment of goodwill was fleeting at best.

Having been on the entrepreneurship lark for the last… eh, *counts on fingers* two decades (I’m rounding up) I’ve developed a serious distain for the banking profession and the sycophantic dregs of society that take up this particular métier.

Which, I suppose might surprise people, that I have such a vehement dislike for these feign-financiers fu… fumaroles (I desperately wanted to alliterate). I am after all, a firm adherent of Capitalism.

(Truth be told I am generally more congenial towards the bacterium that congregate in that tiny bit of water at the bottom of my toilet brush holder than these oxygen thieves)

It’s not so much what they do that grinds me. It’s how they do it. And how deep the tendrils go. And maybe having to deal with the foot soldiers of these bloated organizations that I find so soul destroying.

The fact that these neolithic monstrosities haven’t been disrupted yet is yet another testament to their unholy alliance with my other (regular) grudge match, the much maligned ‘government’. (Don’t get me started on the financial crisis and the bailouts).

These guys don’t play by the same rulebook as everyone else. And tacitly as least, apparently we as a society are okay with that. While I’m not a fan of equal outcomes I do like equal(ish) playing fields.

Obviously playing fields where I benefit from nepotism and an auspicious birth into a wealthy nuclear family are still preferable. But you know… equalish for everyone else.



  1. jim-


    Do you prefer bankers or insurance brokers?

    1. Jo


      Like which one would I save if they were both hanging off a bridge? Ha ha.

      I’d save the insurance broker. I mean I sorta understand risk mitigation… and I have never been screwed by my insurance.

      I suppose it depends on who hurt you.

  2. Michelle Louring


    I’m going to ignore all the financial ranting, and just be pleased that you started out by talking about something I actually know!
    But why would you pay money for Hearthstone? That’s a slippery slope if I ever saw one.

    1. Jo


      Yeah… I know. Hearthstone is wicked though. You can play through with just earning gold and stuff… BUT if you want to be competitive and fight your friends with their super duper decks… you need to spend real money. Also I’ve been out of it for about three years… so all my old ‘competitive’ decks have now been ‘Wild carded’… so… yeah…

      I’m over it now. Even with spending money, unless you sink a fair amount of time grinding away at it… its always going to be difficult without spending LOTS of money

      1. Michelle Louring


        I admit that I have entirely abandoned the normal game mode… I like the single player campaigns and I have developed a worrying obsession with the Battlegrounds mode.

      2. Jo


        Yeah, I see theres lots of Articles now about the Hearthstone death spiral online… and how the barrier for new players has become this impossible chasm.

        I used to really enjoy it. I just don’ have the time to grind away at something like that anymore. Theres too much competition for my (limited) time now.

        Don’t breed. Its the death of gaming.

      3. Michelle Louring


        I wasn’t planning to.
        I’m so utterly unsuited for motherhood that even my elderly female relatives don’t ask me when I’m going to have children.

        It might have something to do with me always talking about why we need to keep our dogs on leashes when children are rarely as well-trained and yet it’s against the law to chain them to the radiator…

      4. Jo


        LOL! That hilarious. You know its bad when not even your elderly female relatives drop not-so-subtle hints about the vacant state of your uterus.

        Good job Michelle.

      5. Michelle Louring


        I had to work for it, but it was all worth it!

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